Mounted Kislev Boyar

The Boyars are the middle-rank nobility of Kislev, the nobles who hold real power. They are all Gospodars, and the rank is universally hereditary. Across most of Kislev, the boyars are the most powerful individuals. They are close enough and have enough followers to tell atamans what to do, and any higher authorities are a […]

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Kossars Troop

Kossars never really caught my eye in the Kislev range, fading behind the awesomeness of the cavalry miniatures. As I got a bunch of them in a great auction win on eBay, and it is nice to have some infantry options for Kings of War, I made up a troop of them. After actually having […]

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Kislev Urugan Cannons

Kislev is a land of long, freezing winters and short, harsh summers. Because of this unfriendly atmosphere, the use of gunpowder weapons has always been rather limited. The Urugan Cannon or “Alexandr’s Organ” as Kislevites call it, is a notable exception. The Urugan Cannon, named for the sharp, screeching sound that it makes when fired, […]

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Sons of Ursun Conversions

High atop the sacred Ice Mountain stands a great temple dedicated to the Great Spirit Bear. It is said that this fortress monastery was founded by Boris Ursa the Forever Tzar, and that the warriors who serve are descendants of his most noble knights. The temple of the bear God is built over labyrinthine enclosures […]

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Finished Lancers and Ungols

The two Winged Lancer units have finally received their banners, completing the units. (Except for some touch-ups I noticed on these images). Also snapped some shots of the two Ungol horse archer units I have not shown details of earlier. Click the images to view larger versions.

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Allor the Amber Wizard

My latest addition to the army is an Amber Wizard. I don´t love the original miniature, but he is old GW and has a bear skin on his head, so he had to be included anyhow. Not everybody can be a fashion model I guess. The original miniature has a stupid gaping mouth that was […]

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Kislev Ice Sorceress

I really like this Bretonnian Damsel model, it is certainly one of GW´s best female sculpts, defying the standard “crossdresser” look that many older GW female models suffered from. She fits very well as an Ice Sorceress in my Kislev army. The only part of the sculpt that was poor was the staff head, so […]

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