League of Rhordia vs Orks – Eliminate

Kislev Army:  Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez, diadem of dragonfire (Tzarina Katarin on ice dragon) Wizard, bane-chant, inspiring crown (ice sorceress) Baron on horse, sword of striking (boyar) Household knights regiment, helmet of the ram (winged lancers) Household knights regiment, potion of catterpillar (winged lancers) Household knights troop (winged lancers) Honour Guard horde, brew of […]

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Sons of Ursun

Varik´s aim was true, the arrow hit the chaos warrior square in the chest. To his dismay however, the arrow ricochet harmlessly off the heavily armored man, accomplishing only to draw the attention of the chaos warrior. The gruesome helmet turned towards Varik, and bellowing a guttural war-cry, the man started walking towards him. The […]

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Kossars Regiment

These guys have been almost finished for a long  time, having even seen battle already. Especially the banner was a victim of procrastination, taking me a week to work up the motivation to start 😛 In the end they turned out well though. The unit is mostly the original Kislev kossars, with some additions to break […]

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KoW battle report – Kislev vs Ostland (League vs League) 2k, Secure

Bohsenfels Bogs, north-east Ostland 2025 It was a rare event, Tzarina Katarin had to lead a pulk of her army into the lands of the Empire. Historically an important, if reluctant ally of Kislev. However, internal unrest and increased pressure on their borders had weakened Imperial control. Taking advantage of the weakening Imperial control, the […]

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